The Vadsbro province

When I make my maps I always try to depict the place I'm about to map in my head. It makes it much easier when I start to draw.


Mapping a city is one of the hardest things you can do. If you want it to look believable you have to add in so many details. But when you are done people can look at the place for hours.


Every adventure needs a map! A good map will make it easier to pretend that you are in another world, that in turn will make the game so much more fun to play.

Always start with a story

When I make my maps I always start with a story. It will give you the meat and bones for the map, without it your map will end up like a shallow pond.


Different times needs different maps. Always try to vary your style, it will develop your skills far more then just doing the same thing over and over again.

Hello and welcome to my digital portfolio.

My name is Pär Lindström and I’m a freelance cartographer from Sweden. Since last year I’m running my own company Imaginary maps, making maps of imaginary worlds for those in need. If you are interested in me making a map for you please see the commission’s page.

Overland maps

Overland maps
For me all worlds start with an overland map. From there the world usually starts to develop into something with a life of its own.

City maps

City maps
No world is complete without city maps. I like to pretend how it would feel like walking in one of the cities I've made.

Dungeon maps

Dungeon maps
Not only dungeons, this one includes houses and smaller area maps as well. Usually the last maps I do for my worlds.

My blog and Social media

I’m also running a blog about mapping, you can find it on There I discuss the techniques I’m using while drawing my maps and gives away some tips and tricks. I also have a facebook page where I make updates of my work in progress and also share links I find interesting from a mapping perspective. And last but not least you can find me at Google+. Feel free to follow me if you like.
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