Every story starts with a map


My name is Pär Lindström and I’m a freelance cartographer from Sweden. I’m running a small map company named Imaginary Maps, making maps of imaginary worlds for those in need.
This is my online portfolio. 

my maps

A map should always tell you a story.


I’ve made maps for as long as I remember. In the beginning it was for my homemade RPG adventures that I played with my friends, later on mostly for my own amusement.
When I started it was maps on paper, today I mainly work on the computer or iPad using programs like Photoshop, Campaign Cartographer 3, Procreate and Artrage.
In May 2013 I decided to start up my own map making company, Imaginary maps and since then I’ve made numerous maps for companies like Pelgrane press, Saga Games, Eloso games and more.
If you are in need of a map or two please contact me at par[dot]lindstrom[at]imaginarymaps[dot]se

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